Arbor Day

Hi! Tomorrow is Arbor day! First of all, I would like to say I’m sorry there hasn’t been anything new for a while. Ok, now… Tomorrow is Arbor Day, so I’m here to teach you everything about it. You probably know what Arbor Day is. It’s a day when you’re supposed to plant trees. Arbor Day is a day to raise awareness about how important trees are. What’s so important about trees? They make oxygen. So basically, during photosynthesis, trees take in carbon dioxide (Which is part of what we breathe out) and produce oxygen, which we breathe in. So basically, trees help produce oxygen, so we can survive. I challenge you, yes you, to plant a tree today, tomorrow, or whenever you celebrate Arbor Day where you live. If you want a whole kit to plant a tree, try this kit HERE. If you just want a tree that you can pop in the ground really quick, consider going somewhere like Menards, Lowes, or a tree farm nearby! Anyways, that’s your challenge. Maybe challenge a relative or friend to follow you in planting a tree. If you do plant a tree, feel free to comment on this post letting me know you planted one. I would love to hear from you guys! Ok, bye.

Me: Ok, google, how to close a post without sounding awkward and cheesy?

Google: Ok, Searching for cheese stores nearby